Julian Dodd. Being True to Works of Music

Book review by Sevastiana Nourou

Context 47 (2021): 89–92.

Published online: 31 Jan. 2022


The concept of being true to works of music and how true a performer is to the composer’s work has been an ongoing debate for many years. The idea of authenticity in the performance of musical works raises many questions, such as: what does it mean exactly to be authentic in music; how can one be authentic; to what exactly is one being faithful; which rules and conceptions should one follow to realise that authenticity; and can different performances of the same work both be authentic? Julian Dodd’s Being True to Works of Music is a short but insightful book about musical authenticity and musical meaning. It will be an important source not only for philosophers and musicologists, but also for students, and, most importantly, performers and listeners. It may also be of interest to general music readers…

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.46580/cx93010