Publication Ethics


Authors listed on a submission must have contributed significantly to the publication, whether in its conception, research, or writing. All listed authors must have agreed on the article’s submission to Context, and should view it at every stage of revision, editing, and proofing. All listed authors must adhere to the Guidelines for Submission and Editorial Policies of the journal.

Complaints and Appeals

Context follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines for appeals and complaints regarding editorial procedures.

Conflicts of Interest/Competing Interests

Authors are expected to declare any competing interests, real or perceived, relevant to their submission. Competing interests are situations in which an author has a professional, legal, financial, or commercial relationship with another body or organisation, who could influence their research.

Ethical Oversight

Context follows the COPE guidelines for ethical oversight in research.

Post-Publication Corrections

Any corrections or errata are made in accordance with guidance from the COPE. Necessary changes will be made only in consultation with the Editorial Committee Coordinator, and will be accompanied by a notice of correction attached to the original publication. The process of making changes will only be entered into where it is necessary to retain the integrity of the journal in line with its ethical obligations.


In the event that Context ceases to publish, archived versions of the journal content will be transferred to and preserved within the University of Melbourne’s institutional repository infrastructure.